How Do I Reset My Progress?


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Simply what title implies.

I just want to wipe my whole game, so I can start from the beginning and have no unlocks etc.

I tried re-installing, but didn't do anything.

Update 2013-08-13:

In the latest Steam release of the game, there is a new Reset Game button on the Settings screen. Pressing this will reset all of your game progress, clear unlocks, etc... so you can start the game over again from the beginning.

Achievements will not be cleared, as these are stored permanently on Steam's systems.

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Is there a way to reset my game on the Xbox?


If you do not want to lose your progress or save game, once you finish Mark of the Ninja, you should be able to re-start from the beginning of the game by choosing New Game Plus.


If you do not mind losing your saved game or progress, you should be able to delete your Mark of the Ninja save game/files from the Xbox 360 Dashboard. 

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