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  1. Got a crash when placing a chest down. It fell threw the world and the next time the game loaded it got a physics error crash (or some thing like that). I've since disabled it, but I can re-enable it try and get a crash screen and game log if need be.
  2. Any way to just reset you're equipment upgrades? I just wan't to scale back some upgrades not restart the whole game.
  3. Since the orb staff glows could you make it so it still emits light when dropped? Also since you need light in order to drop the item when selecting it from weapon slot so as to drop it have it provide light? When you drop it from inventory it does look like its been stamped into the ground so as to provide light instead of just dropped.
  4. I like the default field of view and would just like a larger map reveal to match whats shown by my monitor. I'fe tried finding and downloading No_Signal's MapRevealRadius but have had no luck. Think you could include the option to only increase reveal radius or direct me to a functioning download of No_Signal's MapRevealRadius?