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  1. Simply what title implies. I just want to wipe my whole game, so I can start from the beginning and have no unlocks etc. I tried re-installing, but didn't do anything.
  2. BUG: Slow Texture Loading / Black Backgrounds

    Oddly enough that did work. I'll be back to this post if it was only temporary or if it comes back. For now: thanks.
  3. BUG: Slow Texture Loading / Black Backgrounds

    Is anyone even reading this? I've been in the dark with this problem for months, if not a year. It's ridiculous how I can't play a simple 2d game on my computer when I can run most 3d games at full. And the worst part is no one is even looking into it.
  4. This is something I put on the steam game hub and was told to put here. So here it is: Whenever playing this game I have one very game breaking problem which just makes me not want to play at all, keep in mind it also happens in Shank 2 which must use the same engine or what have you. My computer is quite up to par, I have a GTX 560 GPU and a Quad Core CPU, so games don't normally cause my PC trouble. This, however, is different. In both "Mark of the Ninja" and "Shank 2," I have a problem where the background / terrain textures load at a very slow rate and only seem to begin loading once I reach the new area. This causes the game to have 100% black and non-loaded textures until it decides to load them, and it won't always load them (sometimes not at all, sometimes just partially). I greatly appreciate you taking a look into my issue, I have had it for some time. Some things I have done to try to fix this are: [*]Update my graphics drivers [*]Change between resolutions [*]Try out different video settings No one so far has seemed to assist me in fixing this. I have attached two images to this message displaying the second level right when you start, which is a prime example of when the game doesn't load any textures at all. I had to lower the quality of the images super low because of the ridiculous 19.5 KB limit. :/ Specs: Windows 7 - 32 bit I play my games at 1600x900 Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 560 Ti CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66GHz Power Supply: 650 Watts