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Let us revert to previous stable versions via the Steam Beta tab

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Factorio has an option to revert to previous stable versions.


As does RimWorld


And Kerbal Space Program


I would like this feature for Oxygen Not Included as well. It would be cool to have an easy way to revert to the Ranching update, Farming update, and so on.


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50 minutes ago, Yunru said:


Because some people like playing previous stable versions or like seeing how the game has changed over the major releases. I started playing ONI with the occupation update, and I would like to see what gameplay was like before that update.


Another reason (which doesn't apply to ONI here) is that the three games above have extensive modding communities and some mods / modpacks haven't been updated for the latest versions. As an example, a very popular KSP mod, Ferram Aerospace Research, is only updated for 1.3.1 and not 1.4.x.


Edit: Also, I don't really like the cosmic update all that much (the meteor mechanic is just a hassle / ticking countdown to doom as it is right now) and I would prefer to play the Ranching update.

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