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  1. Trash or incerator

    In deed, i want just remove overflow item to free some memory in game. Too much item make the game use more memory. So if this items are useless in my way to play, it could be great to remove it. Klei can optimize this game a lot, but if we don't manage correctly, we will be frustrated by some lags after a long playtime.
  2. Hello, Nice work for Oxygen Not Included Klei Team and modders! I am on Linux(Ubuntu) and i was looking to mod this game but i didn't find a linux way or a tutorial to do it. Everything is talking about Visual Studio, this monstruous IDE using a lot of space to make just a little mod... It look like making a the fire-thrower to light a candle So it's my idea: Make a device to remove items ingame like Balm Lily flower or artefact(got by rocket)
  3. Hello, I got a message when i build a AND gate behind a steam turbine. It don't disturb the AND gate(it work normally)
  4. It's not fix yet... It's pretty frustrating to empty a room and destroy drywall to change room size... Ps: Love this game continue to dev it!
  5. Hey, I make a rocket with 3 fuel tank and 1 LOX tank. I set max level of one tank of each type to 280Kgs and 0 to others but Fuels tank overfill and don't care of the limit. Ps: LOX tank take care of the limit and don't accept more LOX than the limit allow and it bug is after loading the savegame.
  6. Hey, When a baby vole become adult and it is attached on ceiling, it fall. Ranch vole is very difficult to set and also difficult to maintain because baby can fall and go away. Best regards The Invisible Hospital.sav
  7. I am trying to push some resources(regolith) outside the map to remove it and recover frame stability. The door pushing resource shoud do the work but an unexpected bhavior make it impossible: I have a trouble with automation wire in the border left of my map. He stay at lower stat. Spacestation.sav