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Suggestion: Photoelectric barrier automation

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Now we build on top of the asteroid. But there are meteors, constantly dropping material. This results in permanent filled up space, so we regularly have to check manually, if the area is free of space-debris.  If not, closing bunker doors will be destroyed, because they are jammed.


a photoelectric barrier. Sending unit and receiver. If something blocks the line, the receiver will output a signal.

And now comes the tricky part...

We need a possibility to assign automated tasks to dupes. If the receiver gives the signal, a dig-order will be given along that path. 

Alternate solution: If the receiver gives the order, some kind of super-power-ultra-heavy laser activates, burning away the material in the line. You wont get any material from it, but it generates heat and gas. 

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Assuming that tile deletion with doors never stops being a thing, you can use that to remove regolith as it falls.

The whole destroyed doors thing is because they actually overheat, which is a nice added challenge for you to deal with.

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