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Billy is girl?!

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They fixed it but this is a return to the Antlion debate:


I might have to do one with the devs and Billiam next.:wilson_ecstatic:

On 6/20/2018 at 2:39 PM, SpikeGuy said:

This is a funny thing, but that most recent update from yesterday changed Willow and Maxwell's lines to refer to Billy as male now ("She'll eat just about anything!" to "He'll eat just about anything." for Willow and "She has no future ahead of her. A shame." to "He has no future ahead of him. A shame." for Maxwell, respectively). I guess Billy was supposed to be male originally, then got changed to female, then back to male (or something like that). I guess we'll have to ask on the DST-related episode of RWP.


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