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  1. hi, since you're working on DS again with hamlet could we get the mod configuration that is available in DST back in DS ? The DST config menu is way more advanced & infinitely better for us modders http://prntscr.com/m6r7gp Sure if you have only a couple configuration item, it's mostly fine but when things start to get more complex & you want tooltips/hover text & longer labels to better describe what the hell are those options in DS you are seriously limited. Thank you for taking this into consideration.
  2. [Solved]GetRecipe().Tab always blank ?

    omg lol a simple case problem again thank you so much.
  3. hi, I have a bit of a problem I'm unable to solve by myself in one of my released mods. this piece of code never returns : (NOTE: I have stripped the sanity checks & whatnot to make it compact, I can show you more code if desired) local bestweapon = inst.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) print("GetRecipe(bestweapon.prefab).Tab", GetRecipe(bestweapon.prefab).Tab) if GetRecipe(bestweapon.prefab).Tab == RECIPETABS.WAR then return bestweapon end print("code is still running, it didn't return") I believe the root of the issue is that GetRecipe(bestweapon.prefab).Tab is always blank. in the log file or console I also tried this : local recipes = GetAllRecipes() if recipes[bestweapon.prefab].Tab == RECIPETABS.WAR then return bestweapon end with the exact same result the thing is : I already used the GetAllRecipes technique in another mod successfully so I'm not sure what mistake I made ... and I'm pretty sure this mod was working fine a long time ago (my last update was in may 2017 ....) Additional Note : the file is in the scripts folder so doesn't need the usual : local RECIPETABS = GLOBAL.RECIPETABS from modmain
  4. Recipe Book Crashes and Glitches

    check this out if you haven't already :
  5. Recipe Book Crash (No Mods)

    had the same issue in my case it was fixed by : find each occurence of ,"true" and replace with nothing/emptiness
  6. Base Plan

    @CaterKid555 We need more information to be able to help you out. After a crash, please look up the file : documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt copy/paste the contents to : http://pastebin.com and give us the link over here.
  7. Base Plan

    I will slowly remove content @the old steam location.
  8. Base Plan

    seems to work now. Thanks for update I'm sure it will be appreciated EDIT: and 600 subscribers in 4 days can you believe it ? I should stop counting lol
  9. Base Plan

    wow nice controls, I'll add them to the controls description ^^ and yet another one, with very bad english a user seems to have said that he "lost" his base plans on the other side of the map.Through trial, I seem to somewhat be able to reproduce this : e.g. new save file, activate planning mode with "P" put on some walls, travel (used wormhole) put a nightlamp, quit & save, reload, planned nightlamp is not there, travel, planned walls not there either. (didn't touch the blueprints in either cases) (I also had mod "ntools" enabled always handy to test stuff out) And I retried to be sure: new save file, Wilson, RoG, default world, activate planning with shortcutkey, make a planned farm, deactivate planning, save & quit. Reload, planned farm nowhere to be seen, no blueprints appear at the top either. not sure how it's meant to behave, particularly after your post above. edit: ha apparently, one needs to left-click a blueprint at least once so that it's kept ???
  10. Base Plan

    Ok Thanks, must have been tired, I wasn't managing to make it work yesterday, and it's compatible with key changes (I'm on azerty so it's A & E for me ) well done. question from a user which I can't reply to although I don't think that can happen : " Are the base plans tied to your savefile or will you eventually get overrun by endless base files? "
  11. Base Plan

    0.5.6 uploaded on the workshop with an additional fix for mod config options referring to folders instead of mod names EDIT: uploaded on the workshop... some file change wasn't picked up by sublime text *go hide in a corner* thanks. 400 430 subscribers so far and guess who's on the front page : http://steamcommunity.com/app/219740/workshop/ also how do you "change direction" ? I'm guessing you were talking about walls & 45° angles ?
  12. Base Plan

    Cheers ! I think we can call it a success ^^ forgot that it's in french ... idiot me "visiteurs uniques" = unique viewers "abonnés" = subscribers "notes positives" = thumbs up
  13. Base Plan

    reply written there & we breached the 100 subscribers(124 to be exact) ^^ get out the champagne ! I don't own DST but well if you don't share plans there might be the issue that a cooperating player builds something else where a planned object is located? That said I think plans should appear on players based on proximity, then a player has the choice to "make it permanent" maybe or something like that, but that would be like sticking a note and it would be an individual choice. Otherwise if plans are global & 8 players are working on 8 different camps, it's gonna start to be a mess right away. Just my honest opinion
  14. Base Plan

    question from the steam side of users (92 subscribers already) : ( question rearranged a bit by yours truly) Do you own DST at all? And if yes Is there hope for this being ported to DST sometime in the future ? Would you be interested when the DS version achieves a tolerable level of completion or even before that ? (I don't own DST myself but that's like not a problem I can upload mods for DST on the DST workshop without having it, I just can't test them :p...)
  15. Base Plan

    and good work on v0.5.5 It indeed fixes caves, they now generate properly too