Sharing information with teammates

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It would be nice if there were some buttons or emotes or signs I could use to easily share information with my teammates.


Simple stuff like "can you give the money to me", "don't touch that pot", "bring me [x ingredient]", "bring logs", "the [x craving] dish is cooking" or "buy x".


I don't want to waste time typing, the timer is short enough as is.


Also, for suggesting the next meal. Let's say Gnaw wants soup, I could just say, "let's make [x soup]" provided I know how to make it.

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To add to this I would like to know what meal is up.   As I am running chopping gathering I do not know what craving is needing to be filled.  Wastes time to ask.   What Mummys is saying could be shown to all participates.

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