How long was Don't Starve in development?

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I don't know when they first began theorizing development, but they had a closed beta available by late 2012. The game was released on Steam in early 2013.

Klei as a company has around 40-50 people total... back then, it was around 30-35. From what I remember watching Klei's weekly streams, they don't necessarily have a full team dedicated to each game specifically. More like, there's one person in charge of a particular game (could be called a Designer or a Product Manager), a lead developer, and then everyone else supports all games according to their particular roles/skills at the company. For example, @Kevinwas the designer and creative mastermind for Don't Starve. When RoG came alone, @SethR was the lead for that.


Here's a neat video with Jamie @Bigfootabout the culture and workplace at Klei:


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