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Remove hunger sound?

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Hello. Current thing I'm trying to figure out is how to remove the 'hunger' noise when a character is close to starve. I know it is listed in the stategraph, and while I am calling the stategraph sgwilson, I can't seem to kill the sound.

AddStategraphPostInit("wilson",  function(sg)

		local _funnyidle_onenter = sg.states.funnyidle.onenter
	sg.states.funnyidle.onenter = function(inst)
			if inst:HasTag("mytag") and inst.components.hunger:GetPercent() < TUNING.HUNGRY_THRESH then


This is the basis that i was doing bu that doesn't really do anything 

If Anyone has any suggestion I would highly appreciate! 

 Thank you for reading!

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There is a strong possibility that the sound hasn't started playing yet when your function is called. I did some experiments trying to cancel the eat sound for a coach mod a while back with my results below.

Potentially doing a dotaskintime(0, etc will delay your kill sound task to the next frame which means sounds will still play for 1/30 of a second potentially. However I am pretty certain that you might get a crash as I did. The original stategraph is expecting a sound to kill upon leaving the state with no safeguards programmed...

The best method I have found is to just make a cloned state minus the sound that only plays when your prefab would enter this state and return the original if not your prefab.

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