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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This code is designed for Don't Starve Together to allow for critical hits and items with critical hit properties. By design this allows all mobs the potential to be able to crit if they have crit chance greater than 0 Using inst.components.combat:SetCrit(critchance, critdmg, critfn) we can define a basic crit settings for a mob. Currently equipment have crit variables as inst.variables rather than component ones. Some fun examples if you have a hat that has crit chance, we can give it to a pigman and he'll be able to crit. Currently tested on a caves enabled server and works as advertised. Suggestions and bugs found for improvements welcome.
  2. I have tested this without any mods enabled, I am loading up a fresh non-dedicated caves world with me as the host. I spawn in as wilson, give myself a torch, and after I disconnect, the game saves and the client crashes with it stopped working. No data appears to be lost, when I reload the world. Just the client crashes instead of going back to the main menu. I have tried this with modded and unmodded items that seem to have followsymbols and it only causes this crash for the host. As I have disconnected from a friends server with a torch equipped without problem. I took a look at the logs and I don't really see anything in them relating to the crash.