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  1. It sounds like you need to append something to the action to load ammo? As I think it checks for slingshot ammo tags.
  2. Just make sure to delete the .build and .tex from your custom animation once its compiled. As you want to replace them with your own symbol overrides and builds.
  3. AnimState:Hide("string of symbol's object name in spriter") Same for AnimState:Show() The decompiler is not reliable and a lot of data is lost such as the object names, this is why decompiling player data is a huge mess. Unfortunately its not like better tools are currently we modders make do with what we have, and fix it up using our knowledge of what needs to exist. There is also a AnimState:HideSymbol("symbol folder name") which hides all objects that use that symbol folder in the animation. Same for AnimState:ShowSymbol() Edit: It should be noted that if you are trying to hide symbols via object names and there are multiple of a symbol with the same name but with a number at the end they'll hide in a batch. Its not possible to hide individual symbols this way such as individual arm/hand parts for players.
  4. The key thing about spriter is the pivot points for your images, generally this issue comes from having image dimensions different from the template's packaged ones. I recommend you set new pivot points for your pigtails, the positions of the symbols you make will be dictated by their pivots in relation to the stock animations in the game. What you are making is a character build, as such any animations you make in the template won't be used at all by default. It can take some trial and error to make it look right in game. Edit: It seems you are trying to make a ponytail using the pigtails, its not possible to shift a pivot for a animation in the game without overriding all existing animations manually a monumental task. As such the position for the ponytails in the game is pretty much hardcoded, so you might have a more difficult time positioning it too look nice.
  5. Bank is the list of animations, build is the references for the atlas. It is quite common for builds to be with the atlas without .anim at all such as in characters. Similarly its quite common for the .anim to be on its own for a lot .zip files. Are you reusing the firefighter animations entirely? If so you can delete the .anim file from your .zip after you renamed the build and .zip this way you can make a skin of sorts for the firefighter and have identical animations with your own textures. You would be using the firefighter bank in animstate with your own custom build animstate.
  6. Is your goal to make a clone of a animation bank if so you can use the build renamer tool from handsome matts tools. (this seems to be what you are asking for, don't forget to rename the file name as well to match.) If you goal is to make custom animation names, then you'll have to do so with a custom spriter file or a modified decompiled spriter file. When decompiling spriter files its important to remember that the .png's might not always look right in the spriter but as long as the pivots are intact it can look correct in game. Which is why anything involving spriter requires extensive trial and error to make it look right in game. edit:
  7. At the very worst case scenario if code isn't a solution, you can override her animations by overwriting her, this method of file swap is client side. You can just clone it to use whatever you want it to be as long as the animation is overwritten. As I am not sure if the custom_idle in the master_postinit is something that can be changed for the client.
  8. This is likely a problem with your spriter file, as rotation using ANIM_ORIENTATION.OnGround means it'll rotate the spriter animation to match the entities rotation in the world. The default direction for said sprites should be facing to the right perfectly in line with the x-axis If you want it to rotate like a boomerang then it's part of the spriter animation which animates it to spin around the origin (center of the x and y axis) I am assuming you are familiar with how pivot points work for symbols in a spriter file and how they translate to in game animations.
  9. I would start from this and de compiling existing animations to get the feel for it.
  10. You don't need to use bones, but they do make life a bit easier, I recommend you use the player animation template made by default and try to decompile some animations to start with and edit from there. Animation is really a test a patience and is really time consuming. Also what serpens has said is correct for adding them to a character. The stategraph funnyidle state will automatically pull the data from there.
  11. This isn't really possible by animation because of how the symbols layer themselves, the only symbols high in the z-index than the swap_body is swap_body_tall, hat, pigtails and tail. Unfortunately the remaining symbols doesn't really give a lot to work with, you can maybe do some art cheating by using the swap_body_tall symbol when its not being used by the one man band or slurtle armor etc. You'll just need to listenforevent for onequip and unequip and check to see if what you have in the torso slot possesses a swap_body_tall symbol, if not then override the symbol with the dummy hair. For information on how to use it I recommend looking up how to make backpacks, and for finding out if a build has a symbol use this Animstate:BuildHasSymbol("build")
  12. If you want to retrofit your item with the minimal amount of code you can just make your ammo have the tag "reloaditem_ammo" so it can use the CHANGE_TACKLE action string. If you want to make this work you'll need to make a custom container similar to how the ocean fishing rod or slingshot works and the respective code relating to the container.
  13. Couple of questions. 1) did you modify any of the .png dimensions? 2) did you change the pivots of any of the .pngs? I suggest downloading a fresh spriter file, to see what is wrong. You can preview your .png pivots And change them to be in the correct position. For player characters the animation portion of template is just a rough preview. You can even delete the .anim inside the compiled .zip to save space as it has no relevance. The .build contains a list of all the symbols and their pivots. Making a character look nice with default animations requires trial and error especially if your character strays more and more from vanilla character dimensions.