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  1. PlayerStunLock.Never

    Well the idea is you toggle it, so it would set to never, playback the state, and then return it back to the original stunlock. This should all happen in a instance. With no delays to prevent it from affecting other players in the event of aoe. Again theory, also not sure if function self:Getattacked is localized or global. Maybe try self.GetAttacked = function(parameters,...) This overwrites the original GetAttacked with your new function.
  2. PlayerStunLock.Never

    This function is applied to the attacker, not the player getting attacked. In the wilson stategraph. This stunlock is setting a timeout, you could try wrapping this state and toggling it never/original for the attacker. Not sure if that will have a conflict. But I think you can also cancel the timeout with a new uber short one.
  3. Character reskin?

    I'll try to help as much as I can, but If you get stuck somewhere. Leave specifics on what it is.
  4. Character reskin?

    You can decompile wigfrid's build using ktools or use the build renamer to rename the build of your copy of wigfrids files after you edited the .tex. .anim is the animation file after compiling spriter: it contains the timeline data and animation bank information. .build is a list of symbols used in the animation. It provides the information for the anim to read the tex file. .tex is the compiled(png) symbols it is read using the .build .scml is the raw animation file before it is compiled into the previous 3 files(.anim, .build, .tex) First of all people help on here voluntarily of their own free time, it is rare that devs pop in here. There are very few of us veteran modders left that frequent this part of the forums let a lone the original authors of these guides. But these guides still work, and if you are having difficulty in doing something you should elaborate more about what it is you are stuck on. Because most people aren't going to do the work for you. As it is you are lucky I am even around to reply to you at all. Because I rarely have time to help between work and school. I just love modding this game as a hobby. Now if you have questions on how to extract wigfrid's textures using one of the extraction methods in lumina's post and recompiling it after you have edited it. Please post and explain what you are confused on.
  5. Making Item anim Files

    If all you are doing is making a basic idle animation you can easily just make your own spriter animation. 1) you want to name your folders the names you want your symbols to be. 2) make a new spriter file in the root location where your symbol folders are located. (Not inside those folders, out side them) 3) name your animation bank and animation name to what you want. A lot of the ingame idle animations use "idle" or "anim" for their animation names and the prefab's name for their bank. 4) Assign pivot points to your symbols then drag your symbols into the timeline. Adjust their position/size/rotation etc until. 5) add keyframes and extend your animation length to the desired length. 6) place the entire animation folder into your mod's exported folder and compile it. 7) test in game and tweak until satisfied. 8) if you get stuck or have questions ask on the forums.
  6. Character reskin?

    Modding in don't starve requires some true programming skills. Tutorials only can do so much, you'll definitly need to learn basic .lua programming knowledge which can be daunting for those that have never done it before. Seriously once you get through the initial hurdle of getting set up and started modding your possibilities become quite limitless. One of the easiest ways to learn is to look at how others have done it and copy them initially. There are tons of character mods on the workshop. It is important to read all notes. This tutorial while kind of outdated because its missing the wrist sleeves and swap face symbols still is good enough to get started.
  7. FMOD fsb and fev files

    I opened up your fmod files your sound paths are: airhorn/AHMLG/airhorn and REE/REE/REE and fnree/fnree/fnree
  8. FMOD fsb and fev files

    As you are doing a sound swap I think you just need to remap the path used in game. RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/common/horn_beefalo","your/sound/path/here") I see you already made your own fmod sound bank so the rest should be fairly easy.
  9. Body/Head custom equippables

    Please attach your mod for inspection... I know you copy pasted stuff, but did you rename things correctly. Literally all it takes is a single typo to make it not work.
  10. Problems with animation folders

    The error clearly states you are missing a file named flowertea.png if you are doing what I am guessing you are doing. You decompiled a file and just renamed the folders/symbols but didn't update the actual path/names in the spriter file. You can open a spriter file in a text editor and manually change them to match your changes. For extremely simple idle animations like food usually has I just usually make a clean slate spriter file and make all the paths/build/bank/pivots etc. If you want more help: Has a lot of useful things you can do to fix a lot of generic problems. But for future attaching your mod, can help a lot more than just error messages.
  11. ktools doesn't always decompile things nicely, whether it works or not is very mysterious. However extracting the raw pngs via textool should be manageable. You'll have to splice them apart and remake the spriter file. Its a good idea to back up these files. You can use one of the two texture extractors here. I attempted to decompile them using ktools and got very distorted results. Using a straight texture extractor like I mentioned got them in desireable quality.
  12. Body/Head custom equippables

    It is very important that your file/folder names match your references in lua. This is usually a common issue is that there build/bank/symbol names don't match what their lua file is calling. Is your build able to compile? If no, then please attach your build and errors relating to it. Chances are its missing files or renamed files etc. You can always open spriter in a text editor to manually edit broken paths etc. if yes, make sure your lua script is built for dst and has network/pristine properties as well as triplecheck grammatical errors. I can't think of any mods off the top of my head. But plenty of mods have proper code that you can cherry pick from. I mostly just ktools armor/hats which decompile fine as they are extremely simple and small.
  13. Well your operators are a little incorrect. You are doing a comparison properly in the first one but not the other 3 prefabs. I would suggest just making a table containing all your strings outside above your loop Local hates = { "shantae" = true, "willow" = true, Etc } --Then just do one comparison if hates[v.prefab] then count = count +1 end This makes it easier to update as you just add your new characters to the table. Rather than having to make that if statement longer.
  14. In the esctemplate there were some readme files with notes. They explained that for the bigportrait and name images that you need to rename some elements inside the .xml
  15. If I remember correctly, it means your image dimensions need to be a power of 2. E.g 2^5=32 2^6=64 2^7=128 2^8=256 2^9=512 2^10=1024 2^11=2048 Etc. So for example 1024x512 would be the smallest power of 2 that would fit your image.