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  1. crock pot taking flint?

    You are going to need to add them as ingredients. I think its inside cooking.lua which shows the code. You could check some of the popular food mods like waiter or pickle it. I don't have access to the files for the moment
  2. Would this work around work? If in impassable terrain save the coordinates you are at and when it loads, teleport back to the old coordinates a tick after the onload. If you are in passable terrain then no need to save the coordinates and because no data is loaded it doesn't need to run the hack teleport. Its kind of hacky, but its the best I can think that would be the least intrusive.
  3. Missing Recipe Image Fix?

    local QUAGMIRE_PORTS = { "tomato", "potato", "onion", "garlic", } The veggie.lua file says that these 4 veggies use the quagmire inventory images. which means the name of the inventory image is quagmire_onion ingredienttype, amount, atlas, deconstruct, imageoverride Ingredient("onion", 1,"images/inventoryimages/quagmire_onion.xml") I got no time to test but I would poke around with the atlas and imageoverride parameters and see if you can point it to the correct filepath. its probably got the correct inventoryimages.xml so its probably just the .tex it is pointing incorreclty. Ingredient("onion", 1, nil,nil, "quagmire_onion.tex") should be a good push in the right direction, if I get some more time I would test this out to make sure before I post this. But I got to head to work.
  4. Maybe disable server_only_mod? Kind of seems wierd that is true when its a client side mod. I haven't touched the modinfo for a while so I can't remember what all the features are.
  5. Yup, unpack the .tex file using this tool. You can even make your own bundled .tex file like inventoryimages
  6. @maliblues glad I could help again. You sent me pm a while back, its nice seeing your progress with the stuff I told you about.
  7. I did this in 5 minutes, just combining assets to make a dummy build to decompile the anim. The only issue I have is sometimes images get distorted after decompiling. I'll try again later, right now only SWAP_FACE is acting funny. But it should be enough for testing, just make sure to delete/rename animations to prevent overriding of vanilla ones. edit: I should add that even if the spriter file looks distorted, it might appear fine in game because of the pivot point locations being in the correct spot. Its just the decompiler has a history of not being perfect. Furthermore I am not sure if I am missing any symbols or not, this was a quick job. Everytime klei adds new symbols it keeps breaking my old animations, first player/beefalo, then hounds etc...I love seeing new content, but its a pain to fix animations without a proper rigged base file. player_mount_spriter.rar
  8. Handslot item

    In spriter change the pivot position to the handle. You need to change it in folder symbol. You can either do this via text editor to change the folder symbol pivot or in spritet when you click on the texture in the folder you can change the default pivot.
  9. --masterpostinit local _PrefersToEat = inst.components.eater.PrefersToEat inst.components.eater.PrefersToEat = function(self, food,...) return _PrefersToEat(self, food,...) and not food:HasTag("masterfood") end Wouldn't just extending the prefers to eat function work? If you just want to refuse those foods?
  10. for k,recipe in pairs (require("preparedfoods")) do AddCookerRecipe("yourcookpotname", recipe) end I would run this in your modmain, if you want to add warly's food too you need to make a second copy of this code with preparedfoods replaced with preparedfoods_warly.
  11. You can override anything of a component in a prefab file. A component is just a prebuilt chunk of code that is standardized for everything that wants to use it. You can ofc extend functions no differently than you modify variables of a component. Did you make sure to add the cookpotfoods recipes to your custom cookpot?
  12. randomizer not working

    It seems you only want to say something once per action right instead maybe DoTaskIntime instead of DoPeriodicTask. DoTaskInTime accepts similar parameters but only does the task once, where as DoPeriodicTask will go on forever until its canceled. Also DoPeriodicTask will always update at the same interval period so it only seems to accept the math.random once Its also a good idea to store tasks inside variables so they can be canceled or you could have multiple tasks running simultaneously. local function FindTreeToChopAction(inst) local target = FindEntity(inst, SEE_TREE_DIST, function(item) return item.components.workable and item.components.workable.action == ACTIONS.CHOP end) if target then if inst.WODSPEECHTASK ~= nil then inst.WODSPEECHTASK:Cancel() inst.WODSPEECHTASK = nil end inst.WODSPEECHTASK = inst:DoTaskInTime(math.random(10,17),(function(inst) inst.components.talker:Say(STRINGS.SMPERD.WOD[math.random(1,#STRINGS.SMPERD.WOD)]) end)) return BufferedAction(inst, target, ACTIONS.CHOP) end end As for the random speech, it seems you are just turning your random number into a string rather than calling a random string. You could always use the built in function GetString(inst, stringtable) stringtable is a table inside STRINGS.CHARACTERS by default I am assuming you have a table full of strings here STRINGS.SMPERD.WOD so all you really should need to do is STRINGS.SMPERD.WOD[math.random(1,#STRINGS.SMPERD.WOD)] --returns random number between 1 and size of the table, of STRINGS.SMPERD.WOD --which is the key for said simple table using default numerical keys. Without access to other information I am just guessing what your issues are. As I don't know how you set up your table and what your goals with this task is. Where this is being called, why are you needing the FindEntity etc.
  13. Warly's Spiced Foods

    Can confirm that after the return of them joined the release version the spiced mod foods works for me. Now so my work around is no longer needed.
  14. Warly's Spiced Foods

    No wonder it was driving me crazy lols, I thought it was pushed already in one of the recent patches.
  15. Warly's Spiced Foods

    The problem I have is that we already don't run AddCookerRecipe in the prefab, its run in problem is even if I clone the spiced_foods.lua from the game and just change what is there I still can't get the custom crockpot food to show up on the portable spicer. My current methods are below you may need to fix some globals and I am also in the rot beta I have scoured the workshop to try and figure out how others have done it successfully like island adventures, but I haven't been able to replicate anything that works. Beyond this somewhat hacky solution. rn_spicedfoods.lua rn_cookpotfood.lua shipwreckedfood.lua