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I found Chester :o

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Chester follows you when you are carrying the eyebone, you can place it on the ground without worrying about it getting lost.Krampus won't steal the eyebone, and it won't burn.Chester got 100hp, if he dies he will drop everything he is carrying. It will take 7 ingame days for chester to respawn, eyebone will close it's eye while waiting for him to respawn.If you got the eyebone in your inventory while transfering to a new world it will turn to ash, only 1 chester per world.

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+ If you use a worm hole and the bone is in the backpack he will not teleport with you (You need to put the bone in your inv.)

+ If you put fireflies in the Chester he will glow at nigh

One more thing: Don't Chester spawn at marsh anymore ? (If find him twice, different worlds, at the forest...) (bug ?)

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