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The grue is a jerk when you're insane at night.

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After desperately eating raw morsels after not being able to get any food for days, i got kind of crazy, i think my sanity was at around 50 or lower.Well, i had my very-well-lit up fire, and i was simply cooking my stuff, when suddenly...This incredibly creepy music box little song (May be from the letter thingy, sounded similar.) starts playing faintly in the night, suddenly, the Grue's/Maxwell's true form's hand started reaching in, i thought it wanted to get me, but instead, WHILE THAT DARN CREEPY MUSIC BOX TUNE PLAYED, it went for my campfire.My campfire was left nearly-off. I had to put in some planks desperately quickly to avoid it from turning off.The music stopped and the Grue left.The sudden silence followed by the broken sounds of a music box while the Grue reached in was one of the scariest things i have ever seen.Never letting sanity go down ever again.

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