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  1. Unless you fence them and start your own beefalo ranch xD
  2. So its just like the pumpkin lanter?But you can't just go an break it to release the fireflys to craft another one - you have to hunt more stuff, dangerous stuffPlus it consumes insanity
  3. I'm not sure but maybe you can kill yourself and click "replay"... "retry"? And you would keep your world but have the option to change characters?Again I'm not sure.I'm always using the portal to a new world and now creating multiple games to test stuff. It's been a long time since I died.
  4. Pretty much that.If you die by tentacles you know swamps aren't playgrounds and if you died because you got insane because you jumped on wormholes too often you will learn that wormholes are dangerous.If you make a mistake, don't do it again and try to find a way to deal with it.Explore, analyse the world around you, try to find usefulness in stuff that you were ignoring all this time.
  5. It's kinda hard to say really. I sincerely don't know very weel how to balance this You will get exp by either failing to survive and dying in one or two in-game weeks or by surviving a lot and escaping your world or suiciding. Willow is unlocked second is probably because most players die from the thing in the darkness at night. Wendy I don't really know very well. She isn't really a sidegrade because you have to know how the game AI kinda works to make abigail useful. Wolfgang should be the third unlock and not wendy in my opnion. Because when you unlock wolfgang it's probably because you died a little too much, thus, unlocking the "easy mode" WX and Wickerbottom are truly sidegrades for players that layed for a while and are tired of dealing with food spoilage or researches. And Wes. At the point you unlock him you are either very good at surviving or find the game too easy and Wes is the "hard mode" My point is that characters should be unlocked as either sidegrades, different ways to play that match your style (for example, if you don't like to deal with food spoilage or hate to die because you didn't had the materials to make a torch or a campfire) or to help the player have the experience they want (making the game easier or harder)
  6. Well how was your experience with this game in the first time you played?Did you looked up on the wiki or discovered everything by yourself?When I played this game blind I had tons of fun discovering stuff and was always dying on days 5, 8 or 15.But at some point I just started being more cautelous and learning the metagame.Also, when the story mode is finished I really hope that you will be eventually running around an entire day to find a single bush of berries, grass or twigs and swamps with a tentacle for every four steps you do.But I like to analyse a game by hours of entertainment/priceand experience/priceAnd don't starve is certainly almost on the top of my list
  7. I do something like that but I just try to be between the pig king and the wooden thing. Since you can now move beefalos using beefalo horns (or just punching them and when they are in the spot you want, use the flute) and build walls you can fence them and have a "Beefalo ranch". But I'm slow. I do one thing a day. One day to chop wood One day to gather a few materials One day to prepare food And only them go for some good old spider wrestling.
  8. Wolfgang is the opposite of wes.While wes is "hard mode", wolfgang is "easy mode"He is cool but a lot of ppl play with either the new characters, wilson (because everyone loves wilson!) or their favourite characters.
  9. This can also happen when you examine graves
  10. I started a new game and I'm so far at day 30Had no problems with insanity. Once I managed to get it below 50 but I just made a straw roll, got some rest and my sanity went from 45 to 88 (or something like this)So far the only things insanity did to me was to make some hands diminish my fire. They don't seems to put it out because there was two at the same time, the first one diminished it to almost nothing and immediatly the second one appeared before I could put anything in the fire and it did nothing.Plus that weird long shadow from some mysterious guy/thing.I even enjoy the company of those bodyless floating eyes.
  11. First time this happened to me two hands appeared almost at the same time
  12. Hey I was here playing as usual and then I had the idea to make a "beefalo ranch". Something that probably three thousand players already thought about.The idea is: Get somewhere with a lot of beefalos, surround then with walls but one space, this space would lead to a "slaughterhouse".Now what you would do is either wait for a grown up beefalo to enter the slaughterhouse or provoke one of them that is far away from the others and lead it to the place.After the victim is inside the slaughterhouse you use a hay wall to close the area where all other beefalos are and kill the unlucky creature.When you are done, just break the hay wall.Now before I started doing all this I would like to ask some experienced players if the other beefalos would go and just destroy walls if they are locked in one place or if they would just keep running into a wall.Also, do beefalos destroy walls on mating season even without provocation?I will try to do all this stuff for now and if I have any progress I will post some SS here :)I just think it would be fun to literraly have a ranch in don't starve with beefalos, farms and a very confortable house. Everything the devs don't want us to do :pedit 1: Found a nice place. It's near a swamp/forest area. Just eed to lure a few beefalos. It is somewhat close to the pig king but this swamp have like 4 ponds very close to each other. I will terraform this area to be more pleasant and hopeful tentacles only respawn in swamp tiles.
  13. I agree with wilson having no perks.Wilson is your first character and have standard ammount of health, hunger and sanity. Normal difficulty.Wolfgang is a character you unlock after a while and have bigger ammount of health, hunger and damage. Easy difficulty.Wes on the other hand is an advanced character to give you a bigger challenge, thus having less everything. Hard difficulty.
  14. Welcome to limbo... A very bright limbo
  15. Yeah it usually takes me a while to find a rock biome and the tentacle will be pretty useful