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Hi There,

Seeing the new creature morphs had me thinking, why not create a fresh batch of plants which are splices of currently existing plants?

Splicing is joining 2 plants to get a new plant.


1. Need more ceiling hung plants (like the pincha plant). My guess : grapes plant - is fast growing but uses a lot of water.

2. Sleet wheat needs a workover. Should be 2 tiles tall instead of 1. Currently looks too small.

3. A plant that just absorbs heat and give dry fruit (sort of like dates). It stops growing when temperature drops below a certain temperature.

Among these, splicing with the existing plants will give better or worse properties just like the new update.

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Sleet wheat being 1 tile is nice for flavor - it makes it a tiny bit cooler. Making it same size as other upright plants would make it blander.

A plant that absorbs heat would be overpowered. A plant that makes heat would be more sensible.

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