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Water Sleve

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Temp Change happens only on Conversion.

But be careful. If the sieve is in a cold biome and you are pumping let's say -15°C cold p-water. The water can drop in temperature to freezing breaking the pipe when leaving. Strange mechanic I can't explain. 

Saw it on someone's post ~2weeks ago

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1 hour ago, Sweepeer said:

Does the water from the sleve always comes at 40c ?

There are some factors.

When you send polluted water to the sieve, it always produces clean water at 40 C. But the sieve has a small clean water storage and if you draw too little from the sieve, the produced water may cool down (or heat up) while it is stored in that storage. Then it may enter the pipe at different temperature.

Also, if you send clean water to the sieve, it just passes through unchanged, including temperature.

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