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  1. To solve your immediate issue you'll need to deconstruct. It is probably possible to do a mixed input petrol gen setup with some automation but to be honest I doubt it's worth it when it's so much simpler to just build 2 generators. If you wanted to do something like that as an exercise I'd guess you use latches and element sensors to count the input of each element and switch/reset them, but that would require only full packets in the pipe (Which can be done through more automation further up the line)
  2. Late game is grind

    Risk of rain, Not risk. Different games. I'm not saying I don't like the slow pacing of the end game. I find it far more relaxing than a difficult early game start when you're having to juggle a bunch of balls and race against finite resources running out. These 2 stages of the game appeal to different things that I seek in this game and I appreciate them both. That, however, doesn't change the fact that the pacing of the game does fall off a cliff at some point and if you still want that frantic gameplay you either dump an ocean into the volcanic biome to create an artificial challenge or you start a new colony. It might not be fair of OP to say the end game is a grind. Grinding implies you have to be actively repeating a low reward task over a long period. If I have to tab back in every 6 minutes to launch a new rocket or select a care package that's not so much a grind as it is just the game running on rails with no real developments occurring. Whether or not that's a bad thing I suppose is up to each player to decide. I personally consider that to be the mark of a successful colony. I have finished building my model railway at that point and now I can just sit back and watch it run.
  3. Late game is grind

    yeah I love the game but once you're doing rockets it's basically a glorified screensaver. Once I'm at that point I normally leave the game running in the background and play something faster paced like risk of rain or some such.
  4. New care packages ?

    If you tie the ability to tier 3 research skill and give it a large cost it can be balanced. Maybe you have to feed the pod 100 of an item to disable that item as a possible care package, or dramatically reduce its chance to appear. Early game the rng is a part of the game sure but late game you're just taking whatever is handy without any real need and on some worlds you're waiting a silly length of time for an off-world seed or critter and it just draws the game out artificially.
  5. Map Balance

    Forrest start could do with a bit more water to align with the easy rating klei has given it, but as you get pips and acorns early on its not too hard to get a lot of wild trees up and rush ethanol as a water source. Also Forrest has a lower water requirement as you can go large on mealwood very early due to all the dirt, and you normally have easy access to rust or slime biomes for o2 production, so you only really need water for research. I agree rime is easier than klei rates it but this is probably as much to do with how trivial hypothermia is as a disease. On my last rime all my dupes had hypothermia for most of the first 100 cycles and it didn't matter at all.
  6. New care packages ?

    Packages have different unlock requirements. Some are available from the start. Some are available after being discovered and some, I believe, unlock after a certain number of cycles. It would be nice if there was a way to disable certain care packages in order to remove them from the roll. Like if I have > X blossom seeds they cannot appear. Or maybe they could do it with a more gamey system where a high end scientist can hack the printing pod to let you influence the odds on care packages or force a desired package on the next print or something. Obviously, it's not something that can be added before release but it might be an idea for some post release content. My last rime colony went 200 cycles before I could get a slickster.
  7. It's fine. I'm building an aquatuner on the subreddit and we're gonna dump the heat over there until the discord finishes it's steam turbine.
  8. I'm just gonna dump some thoughts here; I always felt like early game techs and options were very specifically designed to introduce new players to the problems they will need to overcome in ONI in a fairly linear fashion. The first problem a new player encounters is dupes peeing themselves. They build a bathroom. Now they need to source dirt and handle waste. That's fine, dirt is plentiful early on and waste doesn't actually create problems for a while yet. After that, they may find stress climbing and need to build beds. Great, players are now introduced to both the morale system and the rooms system. By now your starting food and O2 are probably getting slim (and for most players you're on your 2nd or 3rd colony already). You get the algae diffuser and access to basic farming fairly quickly, but to be sustainable both of these things require you to start exploring out a bit for resources and seeds. Once you have those stable you will probably start to notice your initial water supply is running low and, if you built lavatories/algae stills early, you are building up waste water somewhere. So the next solution for a new player is the sieve, which solves both of these issues. What's the next problem from here? Heat management. That waste water and the natural pH2O pools are fairly cool, and a base entering into the early-mid game won't have many machines, and nothing spewing out tons of heat. But the sieve? That thing is taking in your nice 25c waste water and putting out 40c clean water. Nothing early game is generating anywhere close to as much heat as this thing. Fairly soon your bristles are withering. I believe this is entirely intentional by Klei as this is the point in the game where they want new players to have to tackle a major heat source, potentially in or near their base. The solution this time isn't just another simple building in place since ice fans won't cut it. Heat isn't easily deleted that early on so the player instead has to look at options for moving that heat. Where and how they move it is left up to the player, which I very much prefer over a simple 'here's the next problem, here's the building that solves that, here's the problem that building introduces' setup. Heat management is one of the few problems that doesn't have a stupidly simple solution built into a building. Even the Turbine has a relatively large set of requirements to meet to function, and needs other supporting infrastructure to work for heat deletion. But the sieve? You just build it and dump heat into it and it's gone. I think that's why they left the 40c lower limit but lifted the upper limit. The output temperature is meant to be a problem for the player, not a solution. Back on point for the topic though - Mid game cooling is easy for any player willing to think about a solution or, if they prefer, research one. You lost a crutch. Learn to walk.
  9. Find an ocean biome or a large pool of water in a slime or ice biome, build an aquatuner in it and run p water through as a coolant. Bam. A sufficiently large body will take literally hundreds of cycles before heat becomes an issue and if you still don't have a turbine by then just swap to another water body. Assuming you set a bypass on the aquatuner it won't even need to run that often as early and mid game bases simply don't generate enough heat to warrant it.
  10. You forgot one major source of cooling: not generating heat in the first place. For most new players the first major source of heat is, ironically, the water seive as they will start seiving polluted water below 40c and getting it out at 40c, which is a substantial gain in thermal energy and is normally the cause of crop withering for newer players. Beyond that heat largely comes from industrialisation, which can be put off if you don't mind playing a slower pace and relying on natural resources for a bit longer (algae/rust for air is a major one). If you don't over industrialise too fast you won't need any major cooling methods for a fairly long time.
  11. [Game Update] - 347957

    Don't squeeky pufts turn chlorine into bleachstone?
  12. [Game Update] - 297718

    This was always gonna be an issue when going from large sculptures to metal sculptures in QoL so this change isn't much worse than the previous build. Hopefully QoL 2 will allow building with similar categories and the same dimensions to be built directly over each other (ladders, furniture, wire bridges, drywall/tempshift, etc)
  13. [Game Update] - 296878

    Research station and micro musher both use dirt
  14. [Game Update] - 296878

    See further up in the thread. It's 2 of any structure consuming the same resource. So supercomputers and research stations will break a microbe musher. I've not tested yet but I assume an espresso machine will break a grill as well. My rock crusher and metal refinery seem to be ok so far but I've not left either on infinite for metals yet. Just lime on the crusher.