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  1. Wouldn't this mean the best solution is still metal floors but now you put a single carpet tile at certain intervals to refresh the stress reduction buff whilst minimising the move speed penalty?
  2. Don't squeeky pufts turn chlorine into bleachstone?
  3. This was always gonna be an issue when going from large sculptures to metal sculptures in QoL so this change isn't much worse than the previous build. Hopefully QoL 2 will allow building with similar categories and the same dimensions to be built directly over each other (ladders, furniture, wire bridges, drywall/tempshift, etc)
  4. See further up in the thread. It's 2 of any structure consuming the same resource. So supercomputers and research stations will break a microbe musher. I've not tested yet but I assume an espresso machine will break a grill as well. My rock crusher and metal refinery seem to be ok so far but I've not left either on infinite for metals yet. Just lime on the crusher.
  5. This is what I'm seeing as well. I suspect the '2 consumers of the same resource' effect is triggering for my musher because my supercomputer is also requesting bottled water.
  6. I don't see why ranch automation would be an issue with the new sensors. We could automate them before without sensors and this just makes it a lot simpler. Have the sweeper deliver eggs directly outside the ranch by putting the conveyor loaders outside behind an open door. Then your sensor will turn it off the second you empty down to 8 critters and your eggs are stored outside the ranch. Use the new continuous incubators or an item dropper if you want to hatch them automatically but then you might as well not bother with a sensor at all and repopulate the stable with autowrangling from a nursery area. Personally im just gonna let eggs hatch naturally in the stable and let them go bad in storage outside it for omelette. I don't really care about keeping a perfect 8/8 in every stable when I can do 6-7 with essentially no power cost and just build more stables, which is very easy to do with the new sensor.
  7. Not really. The graphics are handled by the GPU anyway and the game bottlenecks in cpu. Great patch though klei. I was hoping for an update on fixed temp outputs but there's more than enough here to keep me busy for at least 2 days. Maybe 3.
  8. It isn't cooled that much. Not even close; I'm using a corner cooler to keep the pump cold while the gas it pumps is hot.
  9. yep. The beauty of conveyor loops is that new material won't enter the loop until old material melts off it so the average temperature of the loop is always below the melting temperature.
  10. the sweeper arms don't cover 100% of the ground area so those doors can be manually toggled closed/open to push some of the rock out to the sweeper covered areas. It works fine without them but I wanted to get all the rock out for my hatches. That conveyor rail contains regolith shipped down from the surface. It heats up as magma cools and eventually it melts into magma as well, increasing the overall mass I get from the system. It's a bit exploit-y as it also increases the overall thermal energy from the system, but I found designing it all to be a fun challenge and my stone hatched don't complain about getting 3 hot meals a day.
  11. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on these. It's been a busy couple of days. Yes, a 'corner conductor' is a way of conducting heat through insulated tiles in a controlled way. It's normally used to cool gas pumps that are pumping gasses above 125 Celsius but I'm using it to cool the sweeper arm; Those little grooves in the ceiling have tempshift plates in them. Since tempshift plates cover a 3x3 area they are able to conduct heat between the oil pools and the outside world. The volcano chamber is a vacuum so the only cooling in there comes from that regolith conveyor rail. Technically speaking, I don't need to use insulated tiles for the ceiling as the vacuum prevents any of the volcanic heat going up there anyway. I could have just used normal or metal tiles. However this was my first attempt at this build and I didn't really consider that when laying out the walls and now it's not worth changing it.
  12. Yes, but they're in contact with the rocks for a very short amount of time so they're not hard to cool with a corner conductor and some passive cooling outside of the chamber (in my case a few wheezeworts is enough)