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  1. Can we have a priority level 0 that dupes completely ignore? It would be nice during emergencies when you want to halt activity on a project without losing/cancel it. It also allows you to start planning an addition without having the dupes start before you're ready. On that same note, it would be nice to have a mechanism that disables it for dupes but not sweeper arms, or visa versa.
  2. I'm having this problem with an unconstructive dupe who can't dig unless it's a pure dig command. It used to be that they would dig out the stuff behind the planned blueprint so that someone else could do the building.
  3. Basically it means that dry-wall is already built into the doors/tiles, just doesn't have the extra mass/cost and doesn't require building two things. Makes sense that the door frame of a mechanized air lock would do the same thing that drywall does. Similar logic works for the framing of airflow and mesh tiles. Doesn't make the most sense to have to build drywall behind some tiles and not others, so I like this change.
  4. The lack of abyssalite has lead me to use vacuum for insulation a lot more or build around the natural abyssalite tiles.
  5. "Comets leave trails of hot gas." Not sure the benefit, but might have interesting effects. Maybe for heat removal from the surface? These are nice to see: "Diseases can no longer grow in vacuums." "Gantry can be connected by heavy-watt wires." "Toilets can be flipped horizontally."
  6. Yeah, the tool tip on the wild status says they lose 10kcal per cycle, but I've run it for a good number of cycles and the calorie info never shows up. Phosphorite shows up as a food for shine bugs in the feeder once a duplicant goes into the biome. Debug wasn't triggering it to show up earlier.
  7. Just did took a quick look and wild creatures don't list a calories or hunger. It seems that it only happens once they are tamed. The feeder also lists what foods each creature eats, and only has bristle berry for shine bugs. Not sure if that means they no longer eat phosphorite.
  8. Well that's going to break some things. Anyone know if it's still going to work through doors?