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I guess 14 hours in beta should be more than enough to make a feedback post.


For me, as a guy who played a lot of source games, gameplay feels fun as hell. This jumping, this swinging and surfing, all of this made me feel like a classic half life or quake speedrunner. Most of mechanics are easier than in their quake/source engine counterparts, but they aren't too easy so it does not feel like a challenge. Game is forgiving to the players that aren't familiar with strafing and bunnyhopping and challenging to the players that are. Gameplay is exactly what a gameplay should be - fun to the players who seek for fun and challenging to the players who seek for a challenge. Additional objectives make for replayability and world exploration, which make it even greater.


Even though my toaster couldn't let me play on highest settings, the game looks incredible. Everything's so warm and colorful, color pallette is nice, never anything in this game made me feel sick. This doll-like style, even though i still couldn't understand the reason, looks very nice and fits. Very eager to see the rest of the game


There is some kind of a foundation for the lore, even though it's very unclear at this point, but i really like the direction it goes. Characters look interesting, played mostly as hazard (probably because i like hazmats), but the other three look good too. Can't wait for the mutant mayhem ones.


As i mentioned before, it feels like playing quake/source speedrun, except much easier and fun-ner. It does take time to get used to it though, but once you're in, it's ultra fun. Also wanted to note that gamepad controls are surprisingly good. Never could I imagine that such a game can be as comfortable on controller. I managed to fully complete Chase the Grade on XBox 360 controller and it felt way easier than i expected.

Stages/Map layouts

Stages are great too. It is very intuitive to find a way to the goal and numerous hints on walls help you even more if you still somehow can't find a way. You can push almost every object on tables off them, and it feels satisfying to watch them melt. Chase the Grade, as was mentioned before numerous times, is a huge difficulty spike that should be somehow taken care of, but it's still fun to play. Mastery levels, in my opinion, should be a part of a tutorial, or at least pointed out before the levels where these skills are crucial.


Really wasn't expecting to see this mechanic in this game, but i guess it's alright, as long as the items are purely cosmetic. I dunno. Champ tickets look like a nice way to reward players, even though there's no use for them other than toy boxes.


Game, despite being in beta, had almost no serious bugs as i played. I crashed only 3 times during all of the 14 hours, which is a good result for my PC. I reported as many bugs as i could in tracker.


  1. Will there be more characters, apart from mutant mayhem ones?
  2. How will lore be presented, if will be presented at all?
  3. Will cosmetic hats be the limit of character customization?
  4. Will the game be revoked from beta testers on it's full release?


  1. Changing colors of certain parts of a player model would be a nice thing (Like lex splorer's scarf or hazard's hazmat)
  2. Some kind of champ ticket shop, where you can buy cosmetic items for a higher price than buying a lootbox, but still leave some very exclusive items as lootbox-only, for sense of pride and accomplishmentâ„¢
  3. Ability to load up a ghost from global leaderboard, to challenge a more skilled player. Or a friend leaderboard.
  4. Ability to see a replay from ghosts perspective. you know, for those times where you did a sick 720 90 m/s jump and forgot to record it.
  5. Sandbox mode, to have the ability to freely roam around the maps. Maybe hide a couple of star pins in there.
  6. Sliding. Like, run and crouch to slide under obstacles.
  7. More emotes, more hats, more stages, more characters, more everything.

I guess it's all i can say about the game for now. Will try to update the post once something pops up in my mind

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11 hours ago, TailT99 said:

There is some kind of a foundation for the lore

Haven't played the game yet but from screencaps I've seen so far, there's two storylines. One of the player character and the other with the toys. Though the world for the toys seem to be way more explored at the moment.

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