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A Thermal Lockout

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the volcano itself is in abysallite, as for a vacuum, pwater will never be a vacuum but pressure does eventually prevent offgassing


but these plates and water are prevent heat from traveling down into the waters depths image.thumb.png.cbbdd14c652ecdf0e7fda464a7bd7e2e.png


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I've had super hot copper barely transfer any heat in to water as it was sitting there waiting to be picked up by a conveyor that was backed up. The real heat exchange happened when the line passed through a metal floor.
I recall an older thread where someone thought abyssal temp shift plates worked that way with an experiment it is just they didn't test the experiment long enough.

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My current copper volcano appeared not to be heating the pool of water I had it dropping into. When it went dormant I pulled about 3t of nice cool copper out. Next time it erupted the pool nearly instantly jumped up 20 degrees C. It felt like when new copper fell it was instantly becoming the temp of the copper already on the ground at the bottom of the pool, which would be a bug.

Back on point, I don't see anything in your build that should stop the heat being transferred into the water, if slowly. Especially once the heat in the chamber reaches the point where the metal doesn't solidify until it is in the water.

Would be interested to see the outcome once this has run a couple of hundred cycles.

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