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Wes Is Over Powered!!!

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Hit a rabbit with an axe, it still got away...I feel like his character is underutilized unless he is dying constantly:More frequent hound attacks as Wes?Maybe food spoils faster in his inventory?Hated by pigmen?10 HP?Oh, maybe fill a portion of his inventory with invisible boxes that you can't get rid of!

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He is the bad luck character. He has less health and sanity and also loses hunger faster. That is unless this thread is entirely sarcastic.

In that event: I KNOW! Being a mime is too much. Geez, what do we need to do to get some good characters around here?

- - - Updated - - -

I read the title as "Wes is over powdered!". Thought it was a mime makeup joke. I'm disappointed. :)

I like the way you think.
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For some bizarre reason that I cannot actually explain, I was under the impression, prior to the update, that Wes was going to be hard to play because his health, sanity and hunger meters were going to be invisible. That, along with the fact that he gives you no hints, would make him hard mode. But when I saw that I could see his meters, I actually thought, that's not so bad! :lol:

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