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Steam Turbine Blocked

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6 hours ago, R9MX4 said:

Cold steam

Steam turbine needs steam hotter than 227°C 

Yes I am aware of that, I will be heating it soon


1 hour ago, PhailRaptor said:

I also see Vacuum on whatever tile the mouse is currently over

This might be the problem. Ill try deconstructing and reconstructing to see if that works. If not I will just change the design a bit.

Still works with "input blocked. Just had to heat it enough.

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17 minutes ago, Smithe37 said:

Works fine now that it's at temperature.
Another question, because of the wind up time, is it viable to use steam turbines with automated batteries?

I think it's better to use automation to stop heating instead of simply turn off the turbine.No matter what temperature the steam is, turbine will absorb steam and then exhaust it in fixed temperature (around 152C). If you just turn off the turbine, the steam will be hotter and hotter. When you turn on the steam turbine again, you will waste a great amount of heat.

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