Looking For Someone To Play With (pc)

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Player Type : Average ( still noob ish ) 

Hours Into Game : 211 Hours ATM ( 4/7/18)

Time Zone : Pacific Time Zone 

Where I’m From : US, CA

Main : Wilson ( also play WrickerBottom , WolfGang,  WrigFrid , and Wes ( nerf Wes. Too op XD) 

Steam Username : My username is my Proflie Username ...

How Long Can I Play? & What Day?

MonDay To Friday : about 1h-6h , depends on school , and ect 

SunDay And Saturday: all day but also depends 




Extra Infos 

What Do I Do When I Spawn? : I explore 80% of the whole world before day 10 ( check out the photo at bottom )

What Type Of Player I’m looking for? : Average as well, basically know what their doing and don’t die easily but their still learning about the game like me 

Do I Get Mad : no, rarely any or to none .

Do I Play with Mod?: Yes but sometime I don’t 

Thats all, last thing I say is that I also play with other friends. If you have anymore question. Be sure to ask.




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