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Using twigs, a bit of beard hair and some silk, Wilson can now craft spiritual proxies of himself, Twig Dolls. Twig Dolls look similar to a meat effigy but have a twig like body coated in beefalo wool and are about the size of a graveyard item. Making one takes 10% of your health and will also drop your sanity by 20%, Why make one? Well these objects hold a dangerous and terrifying power...Hallucinations will fixate upon these objects instead of you and will attack it until it breaks, upon which it will turn to ash. Even on full sanity when they can't be seen they will still attack them and this can be shown by having the doll thrown around/turn to ash etc.Twig Dolls have absolutely no effect on spiders or normal animals but can buy you valuable time when insane and can be found under the magic department.Now, Discuss!

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It's interesting because back when hounds were first introduced players made similar suggestuions for the existing Meat Effigy. Or to be more specific, some players were tired with how Meat Effigies could be abused by creating multiples of them... as they basically made you immortal. So the suggestion was that when hounds attacked they would also attack meat effigies... on account of the fact that they looked like you and had meat in them. In this way they served as a distraction, but helped reduce the number of meat effigies players could have in the world.This idea is along those lines and I wouldn't be against it.

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