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  1. I think you don't understand it correctly.. MikeB is "just" a youtuber (actually he is doing his living out of it). This type of difficulty-change he wants to do, is just for himself and will not be implemented into the game. I just wanted to show you this, so the people who want a harder game can try to do it like this. And I still hope terapin sees this and tries to develop something like the crockpot-simulator for the difficulty level.. For all the beginners out there: I think the "lets play's" by mikeB are pretty neat for you to see how you can get started. And all the "pro-gamers" can check it out too and get a good laugh out of it. Well I do actually laugh pretty good when he's failing xD
  2. Well... for those guys who think it is way too easy I think maybe I found something for you check out this vid. MikeB is doing a lets play on Don't Starve and actually he was the reason I found out about this game and had to buy it. I think the Idea of "generating" a difficulty level by yourself is pretty neat. And with that "card-system" he wants to use I think it's pretty cool. Check it out. And maybe some of you know how to build a "card-generator" like he mentions and can help out. I have no clue about programming, but I also saw the crock-pot simulator by terapin in the mod-section.. and maybe you terapin are willing to give it a shot.. hope you get to see this .. And if you see this Mike... I love your TETs