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  1. These are pretty cool, I really like the torch and the moon :3
  2. lol, I like these, they are funny. Keep drawing and you will get better
  3. If it a work of art... It's still in the wrong thread :3
  4. You have some good points, but I think the different abilities are an alternative to a difficulty setting, which most people have mixed feelings about. Although some may be weak or OP, It's up to the person to choose how they want to play the game, as each character will make the game easier in different ways. Luckily, it does not effect everyone else, but yes, again this thread does have some good points.
  5. I like the idea of Summer, Although having to worry too much about two dangerous events might be annoying, and I'm not sure about the biome changing and the water, Although a lot of these are good like things dying off and forest fires. I'm not sure I have seen this suggestion before so It's unique.
  6. These are amazing :3 Could you draw anime/chibi wendy? You don't have to be it would be nice :3
  7. Hey, I thought I would mention this awesome youtuber who has an awesome let's play series, Usually normal let's players wouldn't have enough episodes... like 3 - 15, well this dude has over 90 ( I believe ) And I think he is still doing them! He is not the most popular youtuber yet but has earned many subscribers through this series and is very funny. When I first started watching them I told myself to take a quick look and he has gripped my attention and I can't stop watching them... He has something exciting in most episodes! His name is lawplayful. Thanks for reading and if anyone wants to watch him then its all there P.S. He gets better trust me xD
  8. Guys I thought this was a post about "beardlings"... not perks or research machines...
  9. This is an interesting idea, it would bring another aspect for people who think the game are too easy, especially when they are settled. It might also be a turn off point though... I guess it depends on what people think if this was ever to be implemented? Still, its a nice idea.
  10. Hmm I like this idea, I think the best way around the cave thing would probably generating a new cave-like map once the entrance is clicked rather than going 3D but I like your unique ideas on how the inside of caves should look, e.g. the Cave Golem, and bird cages and maybe the randomly scattered almost broken pickaxes are good ideas and I can imagine them! Of course this would only apply if caves were going to be added.
  11. Hehe I like these quotes, they are very nice ^.^ Maybe the random mime movements could point to his head or make butterfly hands or something... Still they are cool
  12. I believe this would be a good feature.. Farming is too simple and you can easily create plentiful food once you have the right resources... If you bring an area to the game like rabbits and birds stealing crops then there would be more challenge without pushing it. I think the scarecrow is a great idea and maybe it might be implemented in the future? *Shrugs*
  13. I'm not sure how I feel about the insanity meter... Still, it was a very good idea :L
  14. This is nice, I don't mind the eyes. Its a unique art style and its different from the game, its a pretty good drawing.
  15. This is great, it really should have more views.