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More UI help/info about jobs

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While I agree that I don't like the job system (at least as it currently is), to the extent that it's going to stay this way the information about them needs to be presented better.

1) For jobs that gain traits, that trait is listed in the job where it's first gained and all subsequent jobs. That could be taken to imply that the stat gains listed are cumulative.  It might be better to, in the first job where the trait is gained, say "gains trait" instead of just "trait", then don't mention them in higher tier jobs.

2) In the research window, for stations that require a certain job, the tooltip for that station should mention "needs one of the jobs: [jobs]".

3) When you click on a digabble block which requires a certain level of the mining job, that should be mentioned in the block's info window.

4) At the top of the jobs window (once the jobs board has been placed) add a expandable/collapsible explanation about jobs: stat gains are cumulative upon mastering jobs, expectations aren't cumulative but based on the highest tier job a dube has mastered are is training in, etc.

5) Give a tip near the start of the game about the job board and why the player should give each dupe a job.

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