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Polluted Water -> Polluted Oxygen Conversion

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My long duration base has reached the point where the pockets of polluted water are accompanied by some disturbingly high pressure concentrations of polluted oxygen.

Is it the case that a future update will put a pressure limit on the polluted water -> polluted oxygen conversion, or is this something that I should just start dealing with more proactively? 


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2 minutes ago, TheOlz said:

It was addressed in the last update.

I am assuming if your world was generated before OC then you will still have these high density pockets.

Yes, this save started before the OC update. If the concentrations won't increase any further I shall stop panicking! Thanks very much for the response.

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There's a safe way to deal with such pockets (assuming you have somewhere to send the polluted oxygen to, e.g. a freezer or a puft farm).

Step 1: put a pump in enclosed chamber next to the pocket's corner this way:


Step 2: dig two tiles separating the pump and the pocket.


Run the pump until the pressure is safe.

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