Tips to Being A Good Roleplayer (Not a Roleplay!)


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A major problem is grammar, having terrible grammar makes you seem like a unprofessional roleplayer. Sometimes it seems like people purposely use bad grammar.

I will make two roleplay introductions, tell me, which would you rather join?

Ex. 1:

welcom to my rolplay thred, do watever yu want but remamber, we r on th islands and we must beet maxwel tu scape.

pls put yur char thing below! :D :D :D!!!!!!!

Ex. 2:

Hello, welcome to my Don't Starve roleplay thread, the story is Maxwell trapped us on the islands and we must try and find his door so we can find him and escape, so, pretty much just the story of Don't Starve, but with our own characters.

Post your character information below and let's start roleplaying!

Example 2 is what you picked, right?

Another thing is people who use "okay" grammar, but don't put down periods, question marks, and have everything they say bunched up into one hard-to-read mess!

Here is an example:

shut up i said then i shoved bob down the well oh no what have i done i said again

Prevent this by using the ENTER key and spacing out some stuff, and use punctuation!

When your about to post in the roleplay thread, read through what you were about to post and fix any grammar mistakes.

Your grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but don't make your whole sentence a mess.

Short Sentences (Requested by [MENTION=5416]ScienceMachine[/MENTION])

No one-worded or even one-sentenced responses.

Try to add as much substance as you can into your response. Use filler or even the dreaded purple prose if you have to. Just don't be bland and emotionless.

Inversely; don't write long essays either. You're suppose to make your light beer manageable, not turn it into some fruity-tooty cocktail.


Only roleplay in the roleplay section! It annoys people when you roleplay outside of the roleplay section, there is no reason for that!

This subject sort of intertwines with the next subject: Roleplay Characters.

Keep your roleplay characters in the roleplay section! Don't act like multiple people in the suggestions, general discussion, off-topic, etc.

Roleplay Characters

Usually in roleplays, people have multiple characters.

Make sure you don't make too many, it may be hard to keep track of all of them.

When you make characters, give them a good personality, don't have them be just bland, roleplaying as a emotionless character isn't fun.

This isn't really much of a major problem, but I'm just saying, just in case.

Also, a good backstory would be good, a reason why the character acts how he acts. There could be the loss of a loved one involved, betrayal, etc.


I was going to have this be a part of the RP characters section but... Eh.

No godmodding!

Godmodding is when you have your character be invincible, act all-powerful, and can kill off other characters without permission. It is really annoying.

You have to ask the character owner's permission to kill their character, you can seriously injure them, but not kill them off! Killing them off can ruin arcs and etc.

Also, don't act invincible, you don't have to die, but at least take a little damage once and a while.

Godmodders also control other people's Roleplay characters, and makes them do whatever, even though they are not his/hers/its.

If you do get permission to control a character for a while, don't have that character do anything stupid.

Don't tell others what to do, got it? I think you understand my point.


Although, one can just use the Don't Starve Story as an Arc for their roleplay, trying to escape the islands, it is good to try and make some sort of unique arc/mini-arc in the roleplay.

The Arc can be related to your character's backstory.

An example could be a man killed one of your character's loved ones, and you are hunting him down for revenge.

Or it could be something recent not involved with your past, but it still has to be dealt with.

So be sure to make a good Arc for your roleplay.


If there is anything I didn't cover, and you have a few questions, ask me and I'll try to answer them! :D

I hope what I said helped you out.

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20 years ago I discovered I`m really bad at roleplay, as I tried to kill the game master ( in the roleplay ) with an virtual axe in 20 different ways. Made me think !  :lol: If ONI had multiplayer, we could roleplay over headphones all together. I would dress up as "Meh" in the ONI video conference ( "ONI Con" ), the radioactive ONI space visitor :adoration:

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend :love_heart:

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