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  1. This is amazing! You told the story really well. I also really needed some oni fanfic for my soul.
  2. “okay so when can I take this off already?”
  3. I finally figured out how to draw Ren’s hair in my style i think
  4. Evil masterminding be like I’m supposed to be doing homework right now
  5. This is what happens when you try to do a perfectly normal doodle of Nisbet but then you decide to listen to Twenty One Pilots:
  6. “I am not as fine as I seem.”
  7. Don’t go near Ellie’s glitter pens.
  8. Ren just can’t take it anymore. I drew this Ren to symbolize how I am feeling right now.
  9. Bubbles and Banhi, best friends.
  10. I have two questions: 1. Are we allowed to use canon characters in the role plays and 2. Can I participate in my own role play?
  11. Some Ari doodles because they’re my favorite duplicant and I’m experimenting with this new art style Blushing dupes are so cute