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  1. idk if im doing this anymore

  2. absolutely everything in this drawing makes sense.
  3. that one side of Nisbet we almost never see i tried a different drawing style this time, still the same eyes tho also, im sorry if im posting too much, i now just realized that almost a third of the posts on this page are mine
  4. what's this? digital art? i decided to make one of my characters into a dupe. her name is Mica, and she is mute and no one knows why. she's very mischievous and smart, but she's also friendly if you get on her good side. also i suck at shading XD
  5. ari thought that they could hide their secret romance with the outhouse with me, but they forgot that i follow the cam on them every chance i get.
  6. Nisbet might be my second favorite character.
  7. @VAL214 and @HorseyTheYes reacted to a post in topic Dupe-A-Day. The reaction you did was “haha”, or laugh. The post you reacted to was a drawing of Joshua’s funeral. Therefore, you laughed at Joshua’s funeral. Poor Joshua ;-;
  8. Joshua’s funeral i wanted to make this an unfortunate screen cap but I didn’t know how to take a screenshot so I redrew the scene.
  9. I did some mini dupe doodles Ellie is showing off her new snazzy suit. GossMae! Mi-Ma was tired of the shine bugs waking her up at night. Ada disapproves. Banhi attempts to explain automation to Ari while Ari does not attempt to pay attention.
  10. This is amazing! You told the story really well. I also really needed some oni fanfic for my soul.
  11. “okay so when can I take this off already?”
  12. I finally figured out how to draw Ren’s hair in my style i think
  13. Evil masterminding be like I’m supposed to be doing homework right now