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Ideas from a Russian fan (From Russia with Love)

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Dear Klei entertainment and fans! My name is Fomin Artem, a true fan from Nizhniy Novgorod (a city in Russia not far from Moscow). Sorry for my English. Thank you very much for the Great Game!There is the link to my page in '[Don't Starve Beta] Suggestions and Feedback'http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?7647-Ideas-from-a-Russian-fan-(From-Russia-with-Love)There are some of my works and much text there.. If you like something write here. I'm glad to see comments=)Thank you.post-8470-13764590884616_thumb.jpgThis is NOT my work =) It is only little joke picture.My artworks are there:http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?7647-Ideas-from-a-Russian-fan-(From-Russia-with-Love)

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I'm pretty much a Russian too. Maxwell told me.

I don't honestly see why people think that Russians are epic and stuffs like that, no need to be afraid of us but I gotta tell the attention is great since Maxwell forced me to a school because of my dumbness. And there is a women, that is Russian. There was a car that was stuck in mud, and the car was big, a jeep. And she lifted it up with her bare hands.

Hey is it true that there are tigers in Russia because I would ask Maxwell if we can tame a tiger.

I like tigers.


But your artwork is really nice. Especially the bear.

Teach me master.

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Nice drawing, man, very nice. Now I want to switch to Russian: Правда, рисунки довольно однообразны, везде некие глазастые извивающиеся существа, попробуй изменить немного концепцию.
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