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Idea Undestroyable Rocks - giving a new level of challange

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One thing I noticed with every stream is that all bases are essentially a giant warehouse. You clear out a massive area and just build straight lines across the entire path. The only variation when it comes to bases is just where the items are placed - but overall the base design is pretty much the same.

There really is no strategy in the actual look of the overall base.

I want to bring into mind one classic game Evil Genius 
( if you never had the pleasure of playing this base management game pick it up on GoG - https://www.gog.com/game/evil_genius )

In this game you had to build a base into a rock formation ( similar to ONI ) but the big difference is there were rocks you just could not destroy. So you were forced to adapt your base to the circumstances. OF course the big difference is this is an old game and procedural generation was not really a big thing at that point. It still resonated well.

Another game that implemented it in terms of base management games was the Dungeon Keeper Franchise.

I think having Undestroyable rocks littered throughout the map would force players to think how to adapt more to the enviroment not just where they place their objects but also how to design their base.  


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Annoyance, not challenge. Duplicants don't handle multiple ways well, so indestructible obstacles mean you either have to deal with inefficiency or micromanage around dupe stupidity.

The third worldgen template ("second Helicona" or "The Rock") has a lot of neutronium randomly blocking off progress. Doesn't add any challenge, just means everything takes more time.

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