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  1. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it is horribly annoying enough to be considered a bug. The Germs are spreading through sandstone tiles so my Duplicants are constantly disinfecting every 30 seconds the wall tiles next to a slime biome. Save file attached.
  2. Honestly the thing I want is a way to capture and move the animals around. Without having to create a complex maze network and hoping the animal follows the path. Essentially a capture and domestication system.
  3. If there is water spilled on the ground. The Duplicants will take the minimum amount of water possible then take it to its destination, instead of trying to fill up on the maximum liquid possible before trying to take it to the destination. If you play the game on the fastest settings, you will notice it takes 1 full day to suck up the water with 4 duplicants and deliver it to the terrarium. It is best explained by loading save and just running it on the fastest speed. Yes I am aware I could have mopped it up. This is more of a logic issue - of units taking the minimum amount each time in one tile instead of properly filling up. Water Bug.sav
  4. That really isn't the issue - the problem is it required a full restart in order for it to work.
  5. Yes, for me it just stopped growing, I can't even select it bcause the wire gets selected instead.
  6. Wire prevents plants from entering final stage. I had the wire before placing the plant, the plant grey normally on all stages except the final stage. Its brothers and sisters were all fully grown and harvested, Yet this one remained at the stage before the last one. [ incase image is not working - ] Spacejunk.sav