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[Released] Video menu mod

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This mod replaces the main menu background with some videos. You can pause and skip videos to the next ones! Once you'll start the video, the main menu theme will be stopped, but when you stop the video, it will start to play again!

For moders: This mod has its own API! You can add your videos! Guide:


So, first of all, you need to download this mod. Than open it, and move it into it's own folder. Then you need to convert yourvideo into .ogv. Once you're done, move it into "movies" folder. Then open modmain:

1.Change "Hotel Mario" to the name of your video here


And here:


And that's all! Once you enable your mod, your video will be added into viseos queue.

If you want to delete video, you need to:

1. Open your game

2. Open console, and write



After that, you'll se a video queue:


You need to copy the position of video that you wnt to delete, and write it here:


Many thanks to the Electroely. This mod wouldn't be possible without him!

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