The Roleplay of overused tropes

Raspberry Shake

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Hello, and welcome to a Roleplay where every story element is taken directly from common narritve tropes! The worse or more used, the better!

Have some backstory:

You've just moved to a new town in the middle of nowhere with your parents ( all good stories star teenagers godamnit! ), and are have a weird feeling about the place.

Character design:

Gender: M / F

Appearance: If male: Muscly, some other generic character features that I'll let you choose ( But they have to be conventionality attractive ), and a scar somewhere. If female: Overly large breasts, skinny, and I'll let you design the rest. ( But they have to be conventionality attractive )

Personality: If male: EMO! If female: SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR! 

Sexuality: If male: Straight. If female: Lesbian

Backstory's. Choose one:

Backstory A: Biological parents died sometime in your early childhood, and you've been adopted by a cruel couple who use you as a slave.

Backstory B: Biological parents died sometime in your early childhood, and you've been inherited by a cruel couple who abuse / neglect you.

Backstory C: Biological parents died sometime in your early childhood, and you've been adopted by multiple couples, only for them all to die soon after.

Have fun with all these opportunities for interesting and original characters!

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17 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Why's a girl gotta have big breasts and be lesbian? My persona (or any female OCs) aren't any of that :/

As for the tragic backstory... actually most my tragic backstories involve anthro animals so who am I to say (why'd they gotta die though?)

This is overused character tropes in media, ( movies, tv shows, books ect ), and as such a female character is not allowed unless they have stupidly unrealistic body proportions and show some diversity. Just ignoring the fact that the only reason they're lesbian in the first place is so a male majority audience can have some eye-candy, leading to a shocking underrepresentation of gays.

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