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How to show all recipes and crafttabs in Shipwrecked?


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I want to show all the recipes along with all the game tabs from the start. I mean that even tier two science recipes, volcanic, food etc all the tabs and all their recipes should be shown at all times. However they should not be accessible. This means that I can view the ingredients of any recipe at any time, whether I am near a alchemy engine or not. But I should not be able to make them without being near to it and having proper ingredients. How can I do that?

Even if I have not built the engine, I should be able to see the recipe in crafting tabs. Only see.

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Hmm usually mods put this in a character(like n tools):

inst.components.builder:GiveAllRecipes() --usually in the function with the stats like hunger sanity etc.

For console commands I haven't found any commands in the lua file that unlocks all recipes. Your free to continuously try to pushevent("unlockrecipe") or inst.freebuildmode = true with the console commands located in:


but I haven't had any success. Other than that I don't have any other suggestions on how to accomplish what your asking for.

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