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  1. Generated a world with the windows version (wine) and tried loading it with the Linux version: Everything looks fine (so far). Generated same seed world with Linux version: Whole world is the start biome, tons of copper and dirt and shinebugs everywhere. The "horizontal stretch mark" patterns on top and bottom (where magma etc should be) are still visible but filled with copper and dirt also. Only 2 bubbles of water on whole map, far away from starting point. Same seed world generated with Linux, but this time with LC_ALL=C: The biomes look fine. But there isn't a single monster on the whole map and the geysers are missing. Compared the maps with windows generated sibling: The whole "air bubble" of the geyser area is missing, instead solid ground.
  2. If saving a game when a duplicant is holding a ladder, upon loading they will be dropped into the world without a floor and fall. This often results in them being unreachable, and death. Example save created and attached. Sometimes dupe will grab ladder to safety. The Breathless Spacejunk.sav
  3. Base Plan [new]

    doesnt work for me any help?
  4. Update Recipes Book

    u must paste " reign_of_giants_compatible = true" in bottom of file modinfor.lua