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Water temperature exchange bug/exploit

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From what I have found so far this bug is somehow well known and seems to be ignored?
I found it mentioned at least 6 months ago as "known exploit" and it is still in the game. In this kind of game imho this has to be fixed.

Maybe if more people will start to abuse it they will fix it. :)

Problem is that even if I don't want to use it, I am still using it. Many people use some water tank where water level goes up and down so there is a moment when top layer in water tank is very small and in that moment within seconds whole water tank temperature becomes same as temperature of gas above the water.

For those who don't know it, temperature exchange between water layers is a bit strange. If you have 1000kg almost boiling water at 99C and on top of it just 1kg of almost freezing 0C it will stabilize at 25C.

Here in this video I used more than 2300kg of boiling water and it is cooled down by one 400kg door (at 20C) to bellow 26C in few seconds.


I saw videos where people are cooling geyser water super fast using this exploit.
And here is my version of abusing it for cooling air in your base or some closed room:

Video of this thing in action: https://youtu.be/dIMFfQi2Kls  (that wheezewort is maybe just 5% of the time needed)


This exploit can't be used that well to heat up water because it is based on fact that cold water wants to go down and hot water up.


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