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So I did some Spool Math with Skin Sets


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In the event that you want to support klei and aren't getting item drops you want (coughi'veopenedacollective80boxessincebetaandnotoneitemskincough) ...


Buying the 12.99 $ full skin set and respooling every item you get gives you a grand total of 8,380 spools. No, it is not worth to buy one skin set for 3$ over and over, you gain huge value by buying the bundle. There are 12 characters with skin sets, and to buy each one for 3$ wastes 24 whole real dollars. 24 dollars you could use buying the entire skin set almost two more times. 

So, what does this mean?

There are 14 item skins at 1350 spools each. If you have 0 spools and can never open another box (let's say you're level 90 and leveling up is disgustingly boring) spooling each skin item would cost you 18,900 spools. and that's even if you want all of them, but let's just say you do for completionists sake. Now, that means you would need to buy the 8,380 spool skin set for 12.99 a total of 3 times to get everything. Now, nobody's going to need this because most of us will get an item skin or two/have extra spools stocked up (i have like 6k right now just from dupes) so at the very most you'd need to buy two full skin sets at 26$. 

So, by buying the full skin set and respooling 3 times you can buy every event item while also supporting klei tremendously. Or, you, y'know, could get item skin drops like a normal human being. Some of us aren't normal human beings, i guess. 

and before you say "but wait! backpacks and stuff on the steam market can be spooled! why not buy those?" because for half a dollar you're getting 50 spools maybe at best, whereas when you buy the full set you get roughly 645 spools per dollar. no single item is cheap enough or valuable enough to beat that. Also, I don't like to support steam market because of the kind of people who genuinely thought selling wendy's costume head for 1035 dollars would work. 

Plus, at 645 spools per dollar, that means an item skin is a bit over two bucks.

look me in the eye,

look me in the eye and TELL ME STRAIGHT TO MY FACE that if this event was only tradeable/sellable on steam market and not able to be spooled that even ONE item skin would be selling for less than 20$ a piece. You can't. you just can't. Nobody would ever sell a single one of these items for two dollars, ever, let alone even 20$, and klei is .. kind of indirectly doing it although i'm pretty sure they didn't intend anyone to do this math and buy their skins like this lol i'm just obsessive. 


Lastly, supporting them by doing this (i know very few people will do this and i don't expect many to but i probably will end up doing this unless i magically get a dozen head drops i can respool or MAYBE GET A FLIPPING ITEM SKIN DROP) supports their future events like this, and i super super love this event and the way leveling and chests work and want to support this in the best way i can: moola. 

thank u for ur time, enjoy forging uwu

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