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Ability to join a game in progress


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When reading about AFK suggestions I was thinking about how many of my games ended because we simply were missing a person or two. It would be nice to also implement a function to fill back the slots left open by players who left or got kicked.

Maybe add a "join games in progress / search only for lobbies" setting, which players could tick? I mean it would benefit both sides, players already in game get better chance of getting further and the player is sure that he'll get some xp and instant action without having to wait for lobby.

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This'd be very nice. 

A full forge round, victory or at least getting far on boarrior can take up to 30 minutes.  would people being able to join half way through abuseable? possibly. you'd have to make every character be able to survive in the middle of a random wave with no equipment.

"people could hog gear from the joining player and prevent them from being able to play well!"

they can already do that if they're a premade when they start from the beginning anyways.

"what if you wait until everyone except one guy is dead then have the backup come in to save everyone?"

easy. "New players cannot join while somebody is dead". fixed it for you. 

"what if they troll pick or pick an extra character without knowing?"

you can't really troll pick unless you mean 2 maxwells or picking webber but that problem is still relevant in even a regular game where the last person could pick a troll and you don't know until the last second and it's too late to go back so.. fix that problem to begin with 

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