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  1. To be honest they added plenty of stuff in A new reign update, released The Forge and announced DS The Hamlet... This is just a small addition to add new spin to recurring event in DST, something you just do in between while you work on more complicated new stuff. I mean, this **** takes time yo...
  2. I don't know why everyone makes such fuss that Klei didn't manage to make winter skins for all of the characters.... You can still equip the items that don't belong to the selected survivor... Well, it's not the whole set but hey, at least something right? I mean at least it looks better than Librarian on steroids I keep seeing in publics
  3. Jesus christ, the sales haven't even started and my wallet is like:
  4. Thanks for making more content for us guys. Stuff like this makes me come back to DST again and again and everytime I do so I realize how I missed the game.. You guys rock and I'll be the first one to buy the skin pack just to support you! You deserve every bit of my wallet remains.