Black screen on start up

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I've been running it on Win 7 64-bit for ages, with no problems.  I suspect something deeper is going on.

You've checked that all of your video card drivers are up to spec, and patched to their latest versions, right?  And used the GOG downloader to make sure the game download itself isn't corrupted?

(If you're not sure how to do that, you can use the GOG downloader to point at your game installation directory; it should verify it and re-download any corrupted files, if they exist.)

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If you check the link below, you should be able to find a resolution to just about every issue that won't allow you to play Invisible, Inc. Check that out here:

Should the issue persist, please provide us with your DxDiag.txt and invisibleinc.txt files. You can find your invisibleinc.txt file in your documents folder at Documents\Klei\InvisibleInc\logs\invisibleinc.txt

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