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  1. I might well give that a shot. I might well try that. I'm probably showing my age in instinctively avoiding that because it feels rude; bringing a conversation back to where it was hours ago after everyone else has moved on doesn't really work IRL. But, you know, you gotta work with the tools you have. (Which is another reason I love this game... )
  2. I love the Discord server and its participants to death. The only problem is... well, Discord. I can't check Discord from work, so I have to wait until the brief block of time every day when I can. And Discord really isn't set up for that kind of interaction. It serves people well who enjoy one-sentence-at-a-time dialogue in real time, not for people who want to be part of in-depth conversations where there's room to set up points, explain rationalizations or evidence, and so on, where people can weigh in as their schedules permit. So I enjoy hanging out on the Discord server, but I don't really feel like I ever really get to contribute. And I kind of hate that. Invisible, Inc. has been either my favorite game or close to it since its release. I still play it quite a lot. I just wish there were a way for me to have my cake and eat it, too.
  3. Fan Art Thread

    Oh, yes, by all means, ask permission first.
  4. Fan Art Thread

    Fantastic! Do you take commissions?