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  1. I voted "No" for the last question, because I feel like the story -- even as minimal as it was -- stopped in the middle. What was our merry little band going to do after Incognita took over? Would they have had the means to confront and fight the AI? How? The answer might mean a completely different game. (I'd love to see an Invisible, Inc. II -- perhaps abbreviated IIII.) That said, I never really played the game for its story. I played because the strategy was extremely well-polished. It's still the standard by which I measure other computer strategy games. (I'd also like to see some kind of history tracker -- perhaps in the form of some kind of hall of fame, like you'll often find in roguelikes. It would be interesting to compare how many games you won starting with Prism as opposed to how many games you won starting with Decker, for example. Or to compare how much money (or other resources) you used on different run-throughs. And to see, out of your failures, how far each of them got. Some means of being able to take notes in-game and read them later on would be nice, especially if the game requires learning by death. I'd happily buy any Invisible, Inc. merchandise Klei wanted to make. Even now. It's that good.)
  2. I've been running it on Win 7 64-bit for ages, with no problems. I suspect something deeper is going on. You've checked that all of your video card drivers are up to spec, and patched to their latest versions, right? And used the GOG downloader to make sure the game download itself isn't corrupted? (If you're not sure how to do that, you can use the GOG downloader to point at your game installation directory; it should verify it and re-download any corrupted files, if they exist.)
  3. GoG Update

    Here's what was posted on the GOG forums: Changelog for Patch 183969 (added 23 October 2017): - Fix whitespace stripping from modinit key values - Change fancy apostrophes into plain ascii That's it, I'm afraid.
  4. GoG Update

    It looks as though GOG updated Invisible, Inc. last night.
  5. GoG Update

    This seems to be out of Klei's hands. Have you tried contacting GOG?
  6. Fan Art Thread

    Oh, yes, by all means, ask permission first.
  7. Fan Art Thread

    Fantastic! Do you take commissions?