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Thank you devs for true raid boss


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Grand forge boarrior is really strong and requires great communication and team work. You can wear special class items and become what need for your team. Tanks, RDD, SDD, MDD, Healer. I remember good old times in world of warcraft raids and forge feels like it. It's soo satisfying to kill such strong enemy.

Great raid and a lot of fun. Great job

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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

And the spamming gg when dead.,


1 hour ago, AggresiveWES said:

For me i rly love it when i have some guys on the team who do it for the first time and are super excited. And you really need everybody together in that final stage because one guy who keeps firing when we should heal can ruin everything fast.

that one guy spamming gg after team wipe usally

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