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gas pipe issue

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So I added a gaz filter on the natgas input. I tried to put the other gases into the exhaust of the natgas generator.

However once the natgas generator are all producing the filter output are not merged into the other pipe (and there is room because the natgas are nor pushing a lot of gas)

Any idea how I could arrange that ?

See the attached picture and the savegame.




The Starving Asteroid.sav

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Bridges place packets into empty spaces or add mass to matching packets. Unlike T-junctions, they don't make room for the waiting packet. Until the generators ease up on the CO2 output, the gases from the filter will be waiting a long time for a "pipe vacancy".

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7 hours ago, MidnightSteam said:

And for the inputs on Natural Gas Generators do this - So every generator can be running simultaneously


This configuration will still priorities the first branch half the time, and the final branch about 12% of the time until the pipes fill up. As each intersection will swap back and forth one to one, so you get 50, 25, 12.5, 12.5% of the packets. And fundamentally it isn't that different than just doing a 1 up branch like the original poster showed for the first two generators.

As it is the generators only consume 6% of a pipe's capacity anyway, so I don't see the big deal with just running them straight through, saves on piping and can look cleaner. If you've enough gas to power a bunch of generators, it'll get to all of them.


7 hours ago, Oozinator said:

or this ^^gas.thumb.jpg.a1d232a7f1be4734160035c8cfd5daac.jpg

Fundamentally same issue, but the split is better. You would need multiple branching like the following to get a perfectly even distribution.


Running them straight through is still fine and gives you space to do other stuff with the piping layer. Here's the piping for my primary generator bank.



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