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Heat transfer properties

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Is there a table listing each material and their heat transfer properties?

I hear that abyssalite is the best at insulation, but is that only as an insulated tile or also as a plain tile?

I am really enjoying the game, but having a little trouble trying to determine how to use each type of material.

Thanks guys.


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1 hour ago, lemmethink said:

having a little trouble trying to determine how to use each type of material.


Abyssalite is the best insulator. Standard tiles/pipes out of it are sufficient. Note that you don't want to build non-abyssalite pipes inside abyssalite tiles. Also things built of it have awesome heat resistance, use it to build e.g. pipe bridges in hot areas.

Granite is best mineral conductor, use e.g. for pipe radiators.

Wolframite is best metal conductor, although conductivity on contact of two materials is always given by the lower (worse) of the two conductivities.

Gold Amalgam gives machines made of it more heat resistance. Useful e.g. for pumps to hot environment (though to use them at geysers you'll still need some additional cooling).

Hydrogen is best gas cooling medium (Worts in hydrogen atmosphere provide most heat removal, also Thermal Regulator displaces most heat when cooling hydrogen).

Polluted water is best liquid cooling medium for temperatures down to -20 C.

Crude oil is best liquid cooling medium for temperatures down to oxygen boiling point. Its thermal capacity is slightly worse than of hydrogen but that's balanced by the fact that aquatuner cools twice the mass for given amount of power than thermal regulator. This may get fixed eventually as crude oil resisting such low temperatures is outstandingly unrealistic.



Granite has best decor bonus, things made of it have 20% decor buff (positive decor increases by 20%, negative decor is reduced by 20%). Use to build works of art and generally anything in places where duplicants spend a lot of time, typically living quarters or storage area.

Sandstone has second best decor bonus, 10% decor added.

Copper Ore has also 10% decor bonus, use if you want that decor bonus for items made of metals.



I was about to write which material to use to prevent your water reservoir breaking but it appears that this property was changed substantially - even what used to be the weakest material - sandstone - can now hold water pressurized up to 1700 kg/tile so I believe this is not a concern at the moment.


You can use the remaining materials wherever you don't need any special properties of the thing you build.


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Note that while wolframite is the best metal conductor. It is not the best material or even metal to use when you want to cool or heat liquids. That crown goes to iron. Also note that sometimes you need something in between a good insulator and a good conductor, something that change temperature slowly but remain that temperature. Examples of this could be gold amalgam powered doors that have large mass and great thermal stability. They're excellent when you want to anchor wire, gas and liquid bridges in. Additionally, structures that span several tiles generally have the same temperature in all tiles.

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