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  1. I did a soft link from the new file to the old name and it all works fine now. Thank you!! didn't work for me. Its now 9PM Eastern on 11/26
  2. So skyworthy to a new ROG world and its been 57 days according to the ROG calendar, even though my hamlet says 512. Problem is hounds waves are more like hound wave, as in only a single hound. Anyone else seen this? I don't muck with my world settings so this shouldn't happen.
  3. So I have a sprinkler with nettles within and on the edge of the effective area. Upon returning after a few days, the nettles outside the wet area can be harvested, but the nettles within the sprinkler range cannot..... sooo..... I think nettles mechanics are still not quite working....
  4. This does not fixed shops that are already broken?
  5. Many thanks... Working through the holidays for the big release? Thank you for all your efforts!!
  6. One more bug with this savefile. exiting and re-entering the shanty causes representations of the contents of all the chests/iceboxes are outside, but if you open the chest the contents are also inside. Do you want me to also submit this via the bug report button?
  7. Profiler crashed on me too. Submitted bug with slowdown after deploying nettles and sprinklers. GetClock():MakeNextDay() returns to normal performance. Posted this below, but adding this as a reply. Same problem. GetProfile() also crashes when I try to run it. attaching my savedir. Only one hamlet save game so its obvious which one is the problem. Slowdown starts after deploying sprinklers and nettles and returned to te shanty. remote.18+11-23.06:23:01.tar.gz
  8. Any chance fixing glowflies spawning are in your queue?
  9. Heh! Access to a Beta release of an Alpha release. Thank you for a great game, as well as the early access and a chance to make a contribution!
  10. build 208689. title says it all. Thanks for a great game!
  11. dev build 206534 liquid pump is connected to water purifier input, water purifier output is stopped. input pipe stops. water level of aquifer stills drop. There seems to be a water leak somewhere. if no water is going through pipes, water level should not drop. Also water level seems to drop too fast.
  12. dupes apparently caught in the tile creation. A dupe is in the a trench doing whatever, and another dupe comes alongs and complete a tile over it. Then another dupe removes the trench. This results in the first dupe hanging by his head with his feet dangling in mid-air. Reload resolves this as I guess the objection collision moves the dupe to a clean spot, but while its happening, it pretty disturbing (and a little amusing) to see these little fellows caught by the head in a tile and its little feet moving hopelessly.
  13. 1. Crack in space. The dupes keeps trying to dig out this crack pattern in the wall and it never completes despite the yellow bar showing complete. Reload completes the dig command.