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Some drawings i made on this month (Halloween)

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I remember, do you?


Maxwell on his first misadventures with the giants


For Haloween, the best unrequited tragic love in the game :,)


And my boyfriend character with don't starve style

Magodaspot: the wizard of potions




Hi people o/ ,

if you have any idea in your creative mind, but no time or want a diferent style, contact me for a comission, i can make your wish come true.

Don't worry, i dont work with dark magic, shadows or books found on accidents, just a pair of hands and a funny mind(somethimesit could be dangerous).

Contact: Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/sthsilqueira


\o Bye, have a good night o/




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This is great work! I hope you post more work in this thread! Great focus on Maxwell. I realize the piece with the two Charlies is supposed to be ad but I found it adorable. Maxwell looks sleepy while the other starvers have their heads poking out like the seven dwarves.

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