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I would love to see more switchs to make more of my things work automatically. (and some more stuff that could work well with said switches)

- Switches based on the current, um... current over a circuit. You could use this to shut of non-essential devices to prevent an overload or drawing more power than you produce. If that makes it too easy to avoid overloads, maybe you could put in a delay on the switch so it won't trip until after an overload, but would still allow you to manage your power consumption.

- Pressure plates - I want to make a pressurize airlock with gas pumps that will trigger when a dupe walks through. Pressure plates could be chained together, and you could toggle whether they activate when stepped on or deactivate when stepped on. Maybe you could also make pressure plates toggle activation when stepped on? If so, you might be able to achieve some sort of XOR gate behaviors by using current switches, and create a hallway that triggers something only while a dupe is in the hallway.

- Logic switches - above I mentioned the possibility of hacky logic gates built from current switches, but it might be better to provide proper OR, AND, and XOR gates for circuits.

- (Not a switch) It would also be cool if generators could be activated/deactivated by power input. This could allow you to use the current-switch to deactivate generators when the current on your circuit is low, to avoid wasting power. It would also be cool if you could build surge protectors or circuit breakers that flip off when there is a power surge, protecting your circuit, but have to be switched back on before current will flow again, but won't cost copper to replace. The downside is anything behind the breaker will not work until a dupe flips the breaker back on.

- Switches based on the pressure in a pipe. I remember wanting this at some point, but I can't remember the use case. It works well with another idea I have below though. 

- (also not a switch...) Electric Valves: This would work really well with the pipe-pressure switches I mentioned. The idea would be, say I have a gas out-pipe from my electrolyzer, but the vent at the end reaches max pressure, stopping the whole system. I could instead have an electric valve somewhere that would open up when the pressure is high, allowing the O2 to be vented out somewhere else. TBH, as cool as this is, I've solved the problem just adding more pipe and another vent further down, it really works just as good. But there are probably other cool things you could do with this switch

Okay, so not all of these are good ideas, but but some of them are awesome. If you give us logic gates, some college student is going to make something really REALLY cool with it (mine craft has gotten a ton of millage out of redstone).

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I used to want pressure plates for switches so I could set up an airlock that floods with chlorine when dupes pass through, but the new exosuits and ore scrubbers have made this setup less useful.  There are still plenty of other applications they could have, though (lights turning on when the cook is working in the kitchen, etc).

I hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your topic and voice my desire for a time switch.  A cycle is 600 seconds long, and "night" is the first 75 seconds of each day.  A time switch could have have eight 75 second intervals with a checkbox next to each, allowing us to control when different circuits run.

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Timers would be great and defiantly electric valves would be amazing.  We already have pressure, temperature, and fluid level sensors that give a power signal but having fluid and gas valves that can use these signals to open or close valves would help.

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I would like to add my two cents here as well:

Power Relays: Heavi-watt and normal type. Three terminals - when power is applied to the middle terminal, power flows through the other two.


On 10/11/2017 at 8:43 PM, Chastomber said:


Intermittent timers would be nice - set and On time, and an off time ( seconds )

Electric valves - work just like relays, apply power, opens valve.

All of these could be low watt consumers on the trigger terminals - this could achieve some degree of timing when paired with a small battery, or possibly using the priority system in conjunction with a power source as well.

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